What is FMT?

FMT (Fascial Movement Taping) involves the application of ROCKTAPE in accordance with the Kinetic Chain concept, which maintains that no joint or body part works in isolation; rather, the body works by synergistically activating--via the nervous system--soft tissue and joints connected by fascia as singular chains. This means, in support of injured soft tissue, ROCKTAPE applications involve the structures within the kinetic chain adjacent to the injured tissue and beyond.


When manufactured, a bias is introduced into the weave of the cotton (97%) and nylon (3%) fabric of ROCKTAPE so it stretches in one direction, but not the other. This engineering of unilateral stretch fashions the tape into a biomechanical lifting mechanism, which lifts the skin away from the fascia below, wherever applied. Lifting the skin away from the fascia below decompresses the capillaries and nerves therein. Decompression of the capillaries facilitates an increase in circulation of both blood and lymph. Increasing circulation accelerates and improves recovery from soft-tissue injury by facilitating an increase in both the delivery of oxygen and other essential nutrients to the injured soft tissue and the removal of metabolic waste from the area. Decompression of the nerves augments proprioception (the body's sense of joint position, pressure and movement). Augmenting proprioception along the kinetic chain increases coordination of movement, which decreases the tensional forces experienced within the chain while moving, and thus improves both basic function and performance.


ROCKTAPE H20 is the premium brand of wearable, elastic, therapeutic tape I employ for Fascial Movement Taping.

With its optimally engineered stretch; resilience; breathability; moisture management; and hypo-allergenic, non-latex, acrylic-based, ocean-resistant adherence time of up to 5 days, ROCKTAPE H20 is simply the most comfortable, durable and effective performance-enhancing therapeutic tape there is.

Formulated to be used with ROCKTAPE, ROCKSAUCE--a potent over-the-counter topical analgesic--is both employed to prepare the skin for secure taping and added to the tape once secured for extended relief from the discomfort of injury.

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