What is ART?

ART (pronounced as an acronym rather than as the word, or Active Release Techniques) is a patented system of movement-based manual massage protocols, which enables the licensed and certified provider to identify, assess and treat the specific ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia and/or nerves implicated in reductions of performance, basic function and/or well-being.

The profound point of difference between ART and other forms of soft-tissue therapy is the system's ability to locate and release the problematic adhesions--caused by the internal scar tissue that accumulates in and around overused/injured soft tissue--commonly found at the core of such reductions.

Another point of difference is ART's procedural patent in the field of Medicine for the system's unique process of actively shortening the implicated soft tissue, manually applying specifically directed tension to the tissue, then actively lengthening the tissue while simultaneously continuing to apply the tension to release the problematic adhesions.

And, because ART involves the application of tension rather than the use of glide, and an active client rather than reposed, neither massage oil, lotion, nor cream are employed, and both client undress and the use of draping are suitably redressed with athletic attire.


ART providers can be found on the sidelines of most US professional sports teams, and can be seen servicing countless other elite athletes around the world through ART's partnership with IRONMAN®.

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